About Us

Who We Are

Oasis Development Enterprises is a company with a mission. We are committed to achieving success and significance – delivering excellent returns on investment while making a difference in the communities in which we invest. We employ an aggressive approach to our efforts in acquisition, financing, syndication, value-enhancement and tenanting, while varying the ways in which we give to the community – from strategic cash contributions to major redevelopment projects in inner city communities.


Beginning in 1995 with a small group of properties in Lynn, Massachusetts, we now have an expanding portfolio of diverse properties under our management, both commercial and residential, primarily in the Boston area, with prospects throughout the United States. Our company is headquartered in Needham, Massachusetts with offices in Lynn, Massachusetts and Hong Kong. Our organization intentionally remains flexible, especially through uncertain economic times. Keeping to a small core of qualified professionals, we are able to adjust our approach to each project, and tailor each investment opportunity to a broad range of private, high-net worth investors.

Our Investment Approach

“Success and Significance”

Assemble well-financed, conservatively leveraged, under-valued properties to provide above market returns and future capital appreciation to our invitation-only investors. Aggressively manage and strategically improve our properties. Syndicate and manage customized investment vehicles for a variety of high net worth investors. Invest in urban communities and selected charities by acquiring and developing inner city properties with long term growth potential, building a network of business relationships and strategic partnerships committed to urban revitalization, and strategically donating leasable space to carefully selected non-profit organizations.

Companies within our Group

  • Oasis Development Enterprises, Inc.
  • Oasis Consulting Inc.
  • East-West Enterprises Co. Ltd.
  • EWE Properties Inc.
  • Laighton Street Lynn, LLC
  • OAL Properties LLC
  • ODE Asia, LLC
  • Oasis Net Leased Holdings LLC
  • Goldblock Associates LLC